11 Best Acreage Landscape Design Companies in Calgary

11 Best Acreage Landscape Design Companies in Calgary

Acreages landscape design requires more attention to detail than urban landscape design, because the size and scope of work is generally huge.

Owning an acre of land is a dream for many homeowners until they come up with the landscape designing work; and, The acreage landscape design project is challenging because all of the extra space available in the land offers many landscaping options.

The important thing is to focus on creating intimacy and unity between extra land spaces, regardless of size, so that the yard feels like a garden and an extension of the house.

Now, to make this happen, you need experienced hands and one of trusted Acreage Landscape Design Companies in Calgary to make your project successful.

The season for landscape construction in Calgary is so short, any pinch point in the consultation to design and construction phase can be deadly.

Due to the winter and snow from October to April, the landscaping season of Calgary is so short, any missing point in consulting and unprofessional work makes your project a burden instead of a welcomed beautification project.

How to choose the right acreage landscape design company in Calgary?

This post suggests you the top 11 acreage landscape design companies in Calgary.

Find The11 Best Acreage Landscape Design Companies in Calgary

We have gone through an extensive list of criteria to choose the 11 best acreage landscape design companies in Calgary for you. The list of criteria includes company reputation, customer reviews, experience and history, customer complaints, customer satisfaction, overall trust, landscaping design cost, and overall excellence score.

Listed companies specialize in the design of Calgary’s acreage landscaping and have in-depth knowledge in environment, aesthetics, and technology to maximize the potential of your outdoor space.

1.   Tazscapes Inc.

Overall Best Acreage Landscape Design Companies in Calgary!

Tazscapes Inc., Calgary’s top acreage landscape design company, understands that each plot is unique and needs to be designed with particular attention to the needs of individual acreage homeowners.

Tazscapes acreage landscaping specialists work on all projects with one goal, which is to attain client satisfaction. Through an innovative process, they analyze each project thoroughly and present unique acreage landscaping ideas, tips, and designs for one acre, two acres, and even five acres and more.

The success of Tazscapes Landscaping design comes from choosing the right product, maximize open space, improve aesthetics, and promote a functional landscape that will maintain its integrity for years to come.

They can provide you the specialized acreage landscaping services. You can get the best suggestion from the company. The construction of Calgary’s acreage begins with calculating the available space scale, taking into account property landscape, driveways, vegetation, and of course, the size of your home.

Tazscapes Inc. works with customers to pursue dream designs and understand precisely what you need to carry out construction efficiently and cost-effectively.

Call Tazscapes now, take your property to new heights and see what Tazscapes can design for you!

Why Choose Tazscapes?

Tazscapes treats every property like their own, taking personal pride in their work, and fostering lasting relationships with their homeowner clients, whom they serve years into the future with ongoing landscape maintenance and enhancement work.

Some of their current clients have been with them and referring them since their very first season in operation. Tazscapes take personal pride in work and promotes lasting relationships with customers. Their ongoing landscape maintenance and improvement efforts help them get recommendations from clients for new customers.

Contact Details

Company Name: Tazscapes Inc.
Address: 61 Nolanhurst Cres NW, Calgary, Alberta T3R 0Z3
Phone: +1(587) 578-0747
Email: taz@tazscapes.ca
Website: www.tazscapes.ca

2. Cook Custom Landscapes

Cook Custom Landscape is a leading company of high-quality landscape design in Calgary. Cook Custom Landscape has over 8 years of experience in landscaping and has a reputation in Calgary for top-quality works. They specialize in Calgary’s unique and stunningly beautiful landscape that suits your aesthetic sense.

Cook Custom Landscape allows you to design and install a customized landscape architecture that matches the elegance and beauty of your custom home. Also, it offers all types of landscaping, from initial design to professional softscapes and hardscapes, making your home an example of the beauty of your area.

Contact Details:

Company Name: Cook Custom Landscape
Address: 553 Sherwood Blvd NW, t3r 0x1
Phone: (403) 803-2937
Email: Lewis@cookcustomlandscapes.ca
Website: https://cookcustomlandscapes.ca/

3. The Landscape Artist Inc.

Landscape Artist Inc. has been providing high-quality residential landscape design and construction services to the Calgary region since 1977. They provide customized design services supported by the best installers in the industry. It can handle the entire job, from decks, patios and retaining walls to finishing with water features, durable plants, landscape lighting, and more.

They have the latest equipment and tools to get their work done. They have an exclusive network of sub-trades and suppliers that provide their specialty as needed.

Contact The Landscape Artist Inc. now to find out how they make you proud of your home.

Contact Details:

Company Name: Landscape Artist Inc.
Address: 16101 258 Ave E, Foothills, AB T1S 4E9
Phone: +403-256-2252
Email: info@landartist.com
Website: https://www.landartist.com/

4. Vivid Garden Co. Ltd.

Vivid Garden Co. Ltd. is a full-service landscaping company with a bright and unique design and construction philosophy. Vivid Gardens is made up of a group of highly trained landscape and construction professionals who pay much attention to quality and details. For more than 26 years since serving the community, their staff has assured that your features will continue to look and function beautifully. Vivid Garden offers Calgary and the surrounding area everything from design to complete installation for landscape architecture and home renovation.

The Acreage landscape project includes sustainable solutions that apply to large residential areas. With fewer space restrictions, Vivid Garden lets you design and build a real oasis. Their landscaping specializations include large retaining walls, footpaths, large driveways, and other structures that are relatively larger than those in the city. With years of experience in horticulture, landscape design and construction, Vivid Gardens has had great success building an area of landscaping garden in Calgary.

Contact Details:

Company Name: Vivid Garden Co., Ltd.
Address: P.O. Box 84005, 3625 Shaganappi Trail N.W. Calgary, A.B. T3A 5C4 Canada
Phone: +1 403-464-9229
Email: info@vividgarden.com
Website:  https://www.vividgarden.com/

5. Golden Acre Home & Garden

Golden Acre has professional landscaping staff who will help to transform your yard and garden into the space you have always wanted – from start to finish.

Golden Acre is serving Calgarians as one of the city’s top home and garden centers since 1967.

The Golden Acre has professional landscape architects who will help you transform your garden and yard from start to finish into the space you have always wanted.

Golden Acres has been serving Calgarians since 1967 as one of the best landscaping agencies in the city.

Contact Details:

Company Name: Golden Acre Home & Garden
Address: 620 Goddard Avenue NE, Calgary, AB, T2K 5X3
Phone: (403) 274-4286
Email: info@goldenacre.ca
Website: www.goldenacre.ca

6. Acre Prime Inc.

Acre Prime Inc. is suitable for all kinds of landscape projects. They have completed a complete subdivision development such as the Heritage Pointe Lake and Hamptons to full acreage developments. With decades of experience, Acre Prime can provide advanced ways to complete landscape projects. Whether it’s a hardscapes or a softscapes, Acre Prime offers perfect services.

Acre Prime Inc., though based in Calgary, Alberta, provides services throughout western Canada specializing in earthwork, land reclamation, erosion, sediment control and landscaping.

The Acre Prime Inc. project management team ensures that all project solutions are always implemented and completed on budget and on time.

Contact Details:

Company Name: Acre Prime Inc.
Address: 234234 Wrangler Rd., Rocky View County, AB T1X 0P5
Phone: 403-235-2222
Website: https://www.acreprime.ca

7. Renaissance Landscapes Inc.

Renaissance Landscapes Inc. redefines the landscape, focusing on luxury homes and acreages. They are a trusted local professional landscape agency in Calgary. Renaissance Landscapes Inc. has been working for 20 years on landscapes, gardens and home of Calgary.

The Renaissance is offering unparalleled levels of quality and care for every project they serve.

They practice a wide range of completely recyclable and sustainable landscape technologies. Their large team includes landscape architects, horticulturists, landscape journeymen, gardeners, nursery growers, and designers, providing a balanced approach to all the challenges of landscaping.

Contact Details:

Company Name: Renaissance Landscapes Inc.
Address: PO Box 27082 NW., SDM Tuscany, Calgary, Alberta, T3L-2Y1
Phone: 403-852-1768
Email: info@renaissancelandscapes.ca
Website: http://renaissancelandscapes.ca/

8. Homescapes

Homescapes specializes in markets for designing landscaping in residential buildings in and around Calgary. In the past 16 years, they have completed both large and small landscaping projects. Having a dedicated design presence makes a difference in the residential landscape market. The Calgary market must move a yard from concept to completion quickly and professionally. Homescapes has an artistic design presence and practical architectural knowledge and performs all residential landscape projects on time and budget.

Contact Details:

Company Name: Homescapes
Address: 11800 40th Street SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2Z 4T1
Email: info@homescapes.ca
Phone: 403-204-6504
Website: http://homescapes.ca/

9. Aris Landscape Design

Aris Landscape Design specializes in helping customers enhance the value and beauty of their homes by creating elegant outdoor spaces. Alice Landscape Design creates beautiful garden designs by combining seasonal colors, perennials, landscape design, and maintenance. The ultimate goal is to be completely satisfied with the result of the project.

Contact Details:

Company Name: Aris Landscape Design
Phone: 403.816.9651
Email: michelle@arislandscape.ca
Website: www.arislandscape.ca

10. Cityscape Landscaping

CityScape Landscaping Calgary is a leading landscaping company in Calgary. They provide landscaping architecture, landscape design, and landscaping construction to Calgary homeowners and commercial real estate. They are the best landscaping companies in Calgary, offering in-house design landscaping, landscaping, and construction landscaping, making them unique Calgary landscaping companies.

Contact Details:

Name: CityScape Landscaping
Address: 111 Valley Woods Way NW Calgary
Phone: (403) 478-3456
Website: https://www.cityscapelandscaping.com/

11. Green Future

A Green Future offers year-round services in the fields of professional design and landscape architecture, maintenance, snow removal, pesticides and fertilizers.

Green Future was founded in 2007 and the owner has more than 30 years of construction and renovation experience. Teamwork, combining environmentally-friendly future staff, is the backbone of business success.

They are working on expanding their services to Calgary, residential and commercial real estate. Their goal is to create a unique, fun and functional space where customers can express themselves and find peace and environment.

Contact Details:

Company Name: Green Future
Address: 118 Sceptre Close NW, Calgary, AB T3L 1Y1
Phone Number: 403-547-6551
Website: https://www.agreenfuture.ca/


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